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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three Tips in One Day!

Tip 1.  Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader has been published since 1988. The most recent one is number 23. I always try to pick these up when I’m thrift shopping--they usually sell quite well. I found number 6 this week and just listed it this morning.

Tip 2.  Do you twitter? It’s a great place for free advertising! Just comment about your most recent listing and put in a link--suddenly you have lots more people looking at your listing!

Tip 3.  Since twitter limits you to 140 spaces, brevity is of most importance! So use a URL shortener for your tweet--I use My tweet this morning about my Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader reads There are approx 50% more male southpaws than female. Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader #6. 
Twitter will make a link and people will click on it, see your listing and hopefully some of them will be interested enough to bid!

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