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Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Facebook was slowing down!

In just the last couple of days I noticed Facebook was so slow!  I couldn’t scroll down without waiting a few moments for it to catch up with my mouse and if I tried to close it, the site took forever.

It seemed like nothing else on my desktop was affected.  Hubby thought it was my browser (I like IE, he’s a Chrome fan).  He said I could use FB with Chrome and still use my other sites with IE, but that really wasn’t a good answer for me, so I went looking for a solution. 

And I found it!  Would you believe it was my AVG antivirus scanner that recently upgraded.  I found a discussion that pointed out the AVG Link Scanner was the culprit.  So I went in and disabled just that part and everything on Facebook is back to normal—whew!

So, if you use AVG and are experiencing serious slow-downs on Facebook, open the AVG application and double click LINK SCANNER.  Then uncheck the Enable Search Shield and Enable Surf Shield (they are right together).  Click Save, and restart your computer. 

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