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Friday, June 22, 2012

I've Been Planning New Classes!

This morning I've been working on my Fall Classes at our local Central Community just doesn't seem possible--I'm still in the middle of summer!
Looks like I'll be busy in September & October, and a bit into November! 
I'll be offering a new class in September:  Thrift Store Shopping (we will take an actual shopping trip the second night!).

My basic computer series, Fearless Computing starts September 14 and continues every Friday for 6 weeks.  It's an afternoon class--seems like many people enjoy coming out during the day.

Two other new classes will debut in October:  When Junior Returns Home (October 1 7-9pm) and How to Organize your House in One Easy Book (October 15/22 7-9pm).

I'll offer my 2-night  blogging class again in late October & early November.  I'm calling it Blogging Your Days, it will be on October 29 and November 5 at 7-9pm.

My eBay Beginner Class this time will be a Saturday afternoon in a Seminar style--date to be announced.

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