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Monday, October 25, 2010

Show your flaws!

I sell a few “old” things….I even call some of them antique.  People looking for antiques want to see every side of your item, especially the underside and often look for little flaws.  So often I post multiple pictures showing all sides, and even pointing out the small chips.  A good example is my listing for this older Sascha Brasthoff dish.

Antiques are used items: their history is part of their charm. Customers love it when you mention a small fault, because you are not likely to be disguising a big one.  Honesty will deliver you from angry emails, returned items, negative feedback and having to cope with eBay's dispute procedures ... maybe all four.

But, don't try too hard to minimize faults: it can make them seem worse! Here's a real example: " There is one area along the top where on very close examination the glaze appears to be interrupted and there's a very slight color change there toward the inner bowl of the cup, so I suspect there might have been a very professional repair at one time, but I can't say for sure -- it really looks so great and you have to try hard to spot it. So pretty!  The advertiser could have simply have said: Slight color change near the rim may be a professional repair. That statement is shorter, and less alarming.

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